Cold Forging

Cold Forging gives Automotive Drivetrain Parts More Production Efficiency

Strength is more, Cost is less and Production Yields High

What is Cold Forging?

Cold Forging is a process that deforms material plastically, under high compressive force, using a punch and a die in a machine press. The Cold Forging techniques include Coining,  Extrusion, Swaging and Upsetting.
Cold Forging can use for efficient high volume manufacturing. We have highly automated manufacturing equipments. We are using high-resistance dies and high-duty steel for production. Our products includes fastener, automotive,  truck-trailers, constant velocity joints and universal joint

Cold Forging for Drivetrain Parts

We have enhanced our manufacturing units with new hybrid, electric and fuel –efficient alternatives to meet the meet the needs of automobile manufacturing industry.

We use powertrain systems for more economical, higher in product quality and reliability, higher in performance, more fuel efficient, and have longer life expectancy. Our parts endure high forces and increase the lifespan of the vehicle.

Advantages of Cold Forging

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