• Suspension System Knuckles

    Cast aluminum is widely used in today's suspension system as knuckles but the inherent shrink and gas porosity along with the poor surface condition causes the product to be grossly over designed and requires costly 100% inspections to insure the quality of the safety critical product. Designing a forged Aluminum Knuckle greatly reduces the risk of failure, the un-sprung mass of the entire system and if the knuckle is designed as an aluminum forging from the start can be the low cost alternative.

    • Knuckles of very complex geometry are routinely produced
    • If the knuckle is designed from the beginning with an aluminum forging in mind the cost is greatly reduced and can be the low cost alternative
    • The superior surface finish and corrosion resistance of the most common forged aluminum alloys allows for increased fatigue strength
    • Designing knuckles as aluminum forgings is less difficult and better utilizes the forging process, as the thickest sections are in the center of the forging with the thinner sections towards the extreme edges
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